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Accelerating the world’s transition to decentralised nations

We are a team of finance and technology experts dedicated to democratising wealth management 
by making it fun, fair and community-centric.

Purpose not just profit

The best investments are ones that also help make the world a better place

Impartial inclusivity

Every member of our tribe is encouraged to speak up and share their ideas

Empowering not controlling

We enable independent decision making to bring out the best ideas and solutions

Experimentation and innovation

Build, Test, Deploy, Repeat

Full transparency

We always communicate openly and honestly with our community

Meritocracy over inequality

We work hard to build a better future for our tribe and reward our contributors fairly

We are a community of visionaries

From a team of 9 to a team of hundreds of people across the globe!

Composed of individuals from more than 20 countries, our team is shaped by many different cultural backgrounds. We pride ourselves for our commitment to gender equality and sexual orientation inclusivity. Embracing differences makes us a better company.

Our history in numbers

Learn about where we’ve been so far then check out our roadmap to find out where we’re heading



Successful ICO

Raised $53M from 24K people in over 149 countries


1st Referendum

4,240 Votes casted in SwissBorg’s first blockchain referendum in 2018


Cryptonites TV Launch

Our no-BS blockchain YouTube channel, Cryptonites TV, now up to 10,000+ subscribers



Crypto Challenge app

247,000+ players from our highly-rated Bitcoin prediction game, Crypto Challenge


SwissBorg app

Launch of the SwissBorg app with the Smart Engine, the hourly asset analysis and the portfolio analytics


Smart Yield wallets

Unique DeFi farming features that allow all users to earn a yield on cryptos in 3 taps



Unicorn status

SwissBorg reaches the $1B valuation for the first time


CHSB token - a 5th new utility

Any user of the SwissBorg app can earn a yield on the CHSB token based on the Community Index.

More to come, follow our live performance and achievements on CHSB token metrics page

Contact SwissBorg

To contact the SwissBorg team, please use our contact form. For technical and product support, visit out Help Center.

Media inquiries

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Join us in building a new era of wealth management.