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Guardians of the BORG

Guardians of the BORG

Benjamin Lavelle

Growth Specialist

The Guardians of the Borg’s prime purpose is to create and drive value to the BORG token. This can be conducted through initiative, rewarding loyal contributors, or increasing the token’s scarcity. In this article, we will review the next set of changes brought into the program, including the loyalty boost, the initiative bounty, and more.

For more than 6 months, SwissBorg has conducted sessions of the Guardians with great success. Overall, the program has:

  • Distributed over 1.5M CHSB tokens to our Premium Holders
  • Allocated over 1.25M CHSB into the Burn Pool
  • Safeguarded 750,000 CHSB into a community safety net
  • Bought back more than 10,000,000 CHSB to be used for the following sessions!

And financed 3 community-driven initiatives:

  • The SwissBorg Association
  • The Additional Burn pot
  • The Referral Boost

Amidst those great milestones, the two SwissBorg employees heading the program have also located inconveniences that need to be addressed:

  • The visibility and user-friendliness of the Form
  • A slow growth in terms of the number of participants
  • The fast-paced environment surrounding the program

Slowing the pace and upping the impact

Although a fast-paced program is dynamic and enjoyable to our most enthusiastic community members, it is a very complicated environment to navigate, considering the parallel activities of the Growth Team. It is also not ideally suited for the broader ecosystem, which has shown some reluctance to a monthly session.

On top of being more difficult and time-consuming to manage, the monthly structure has unfortunately not gathered the expected momentum.

The decision to slow down the rhythm of the sessions has, therefore, been made, and an increase in the impact of each vote has also been set. This will take place in 2024 and bring along a few additional changes.

The program will be switching back to a quarterly session but is not market-dependent.

How to maximise your rewards

The reward system is a key point of interest to most of our participants. The Guardians contribution is an option for all our Guardians of the Borg sessions, and it’s here to stay. We will, however, remain dedicated to rewarding our most loyal and engaged community members. This requires some attention to be focused on the reward system, and we are bringing an additional metric to it. 

Our whole system revolves around the Voicing Power. The Voicing power is the metric you want to increase to maximise your impact and rewards.

It comprises the following:

Your total BORG holdings in the app, excluding Premium membership.

Your Premium tier’s boost.

We have adjusted the multiplier on your Premium Boost. Depending on the tier you have inside the SwissBorg app, we will be attributing a multiplier on the quantity of your holdings, the distribution is as follows:

Premium boost
Premium boost
Premium boost

It is worth noting that Standard Users can now participate in the Guardians of CHSB, although they will require double the minimal CHSB requirement to be eligible for a reward.

(New) Your Loyalty Bonus in the Guardians.

The Loyalty Bonus is our new metric and values activity in the Guardians of CHSB. The Criteria is as simple as it gets. If you have participated in the three latest sessions prior, your voicing power will be increased by 10% (which is a 1.1 multiplier).

Please note that the loyalty boost will be trialled but might not stay if we don’t deem it to provide value.

Your Hero Score Ranking.

Due to the regulatory complexities of UK citizens, we have decided to pause this criteria in the Guardians of BORG, in hopes to gather more information and re-integrate it in a fair way.

When multiplying these, you find your Voicing Power. At the end of each session, once the Guardians have decided how many BORG tokens should be allocated to the distribution, SwissBorg will calculate the reward rate. This rate, multiplied by the voicing power, will enable you to calculate your earnings.

For example, a loyal Pioneer Premium member with 5,000 CHSB will have a voicing power of:

5,000 (holdings) * 1.3 (premium) * 1.1 (loyalty) = 7150

It is also worth noting that to be eligible for the reward, we have a minimal voicing power requirement. That amount rises by 75 points until we reach the threshold of 750 of Voicing Power (this has been updated from BORG holdings to Voicing Power and adjusted accordingly). Although that amount may not be permanent, we hope it will stay the same for a while. It will, however, most likely be revisited after a surge in BORG price.

The Sustainability Score

Between the fourth and the fifth Session of the Guardians of CHSB, we have introduced the Sustainability Score.

This score is an indicator of SwissBorg’s financial performance; the closer it comes to 10, the more the company has been profitable in a given month. This is why it is the key metric to decide the portion of revenue SwissBorg will spend to buy back BORG for the program to use.

SwissBorg starts allocating more significant revenue to the program after break-even is surpassed at 4. 

For example, at a 4.5 average, SwissBorg would allocate 5.5% of revenue to the Guardians.

Sustainability score
Sustainability score
Sustainability score

The sustainability score will be shared in the YouTube Townhalls run after every session and occasionally on SwissBorg’s weekly Pow Wows.

On top of the monthly percentage of revenue being used to buy BORG on the market, we will be purchasing 125,000 USDC worth of BORG on a quarterly basis. This will be done on the market, and the transaction details will be communicated through the town halls. This amount is independent of the sustainability score and comes from the section of the pot in USDC. This will continue for an estimated four and a half years to keep long-term buying pressure on our beautiful token.

To simplify our Guardians of the BORG program, we will also base our BORG outflow on the sustainability score. This means the score will decide the quantity of BORG tokens in each quarterly session. 

More details will be shared before the change is implemented in 2024.

Quarterly Buys

As mentioned, SwissBorg buys back $125,000 worth of BORG tokens each quarter. In addition to this, we use a percentage of the revenue, depending on profitability, to add buying pressure on a monthly basis. 

Between Sessions 5, 6 and 7, from July to September 2023, SwissBorg started that process by acquiring CHSB on the market from Bitfinex.

This has been done with the following rates:

Q2 buy - 988,108, which is a price per token of 0.1265

Q3 buy - 924,068, which is an average price per token of 0.1352

As mentioned, these rates and buys will be communicated regularly through the Guardians sessions and will be a continued SwissBorg endeavour in time.

(Please note that at the time of writing, the buys for Session 6 still need to be conducted, hence the value of zero.)

Quarterly Buys
Quarterly Buys
Quarterly Buys

The Fourth Option

The fourth option is our way of bringing the Guardians of the Borg to the next level, bringing funding to our community’s best ideas.

So far, the inputs by the community have been relatively rare but of quality. We have had feedback from our participants that it is difficult to enjoy the experiments and/or campaigns because of a need for more clarity on the potential idea.

To help develop and implement a growth campaign, we will be implementing a structure for the ideas that qualify.

Please note that participation will always be optional for the idea owner

  1. Meeting with SwissBorg stakeholders and idea-owners: Market Research - Baseline Creation
  2. Public Brainstorming Session with the community: Details - Design & branding
  3. Launch: SwissBorg launches the campaign - SwissBorg tracks the key metrics
  4. Analytics: Public analytics of the campaign - Bounty for significant profitable endeavours

Indeed, we will be offering a CHSB bounty on profitable endeavours that have an involved idea owner. The significance relies on our Data team being able to say it was a success. The bounty will vary depending on the campaign's success but start at 1,000 BORG (at current price - 0.15).

We hope this can help the creative minds to use their passion to accomplish our mission together and satisfy those sceptical about the fourth option’s purpose!


The Guardians are evolving, adapting, and proving their impact month after month. We are very passionate about meeting expectations and growing the community's involvement.

Although many aspects of the system will be developed or modified over time, we hope you see the value that we can bring to the SwissBorg ecosystem with this program in the same way we do.

Let’s build, adapt and grow together.

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