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Your SwissBorg Hero Journey: Rules & Rewards


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Hey there, SwissBorg Heroes!

Are you ready to earn points and climb the ranks in the SwissBorg Hero Score program? Here’s a detailed summary about the rules and guidelines for the program, so you can start earning rewards.

The Hero Score program is all about incentivising positive actions that benefit the CHSB ecosystem and help you to manage your crypto portfolio using SwissBorg’s flagship products. There are several ways to earn points, and some actions can even cause you to lose points, so make sure you read the rules carefully!

Exclusive rewards for our SwissBorg Heroes

There are four reward milestones that you can reach as you accumulate points, and each milestone unlocks a different superpower. We calculate your milestone status at the time of distributing any of the rewards.

Required points for each milestone:

  • Milestone 1: 100 points
  • Milestone 2: 200 points
  • Milestone 3: 350 points
  • Milestone 4: 450 points

Let’s go over the main prizes you can access by participating actively in the program - and keep in mind that there might be additional surprises during the season.

CHSB cashback

Heroes who have reached any of the milestones will unlock the weekly cashback utility. The cashback is calculated per the fees you generated during the preceding week (Monday - Sunday) and will be paid out in CHSB after each completed week. 

Each milestone will earn you a different size cashback:

  • Milestone 1: 10%
  • Milestone 2: 15%
  • Milestone 3: 25%
  • Milestone 4: 50%

Access to Earn opportunities

Throughout the season we will open exclusive Earn opportunities, with some being available only for those who have joined the Hero Score program. Access to each opportunity will depend on the milestone a hero has reached at the time the opportunity is released.

  • Milestone 4 - first access
  • Milestone 3 - second access
  • Milestone 2 - third access
  • Milestone 1 - fourth access
  • Participant without reaching a milestone - Gets access last

The details of these opportunities will be shared through notifications and email messages before opening them up, so keep your notifications on in the app to avoid missing them.

Guardians of CHSB power

The Hero score will be one of the three components (along with the number of CHSB held and premium tier) that constitutes the Guardian’s “voicing power”. The higher your Hero Score, the greater your voicing power!

  • Top 100% = 1x voicing power
  • Top 75% = 1.05x voicing power
  • Top 50% = 1.1x voicing power
  • Top 10% = 1.3x voicing power
  • Top 5% = 1.5x voicing power

To learn more about our updated Protect & Choose/Guardians program, please click here.

Earning points in the Hero Score Program
Earning points in the Hero Score Program
Earning points in the Hero Score Program

Earning points in the Hero Score Program

You can earn points by completing different actions in the SwissBorg app. These actions were defined carefully around CHSB and our key crypto wealth management products that can ease your crypto wealth management journey.

Hodl that CHSB

You’ll get points for reaching a certain threshold with your CHSB balance in USD. This means that the more CHSB you hold, the more points you can earn. Just remember, these points are calculated based on your CHSB balance, including any CHSB you've locked in premium.

Be careful not to sell too much CHSB during season 1, as you can lose points for each $50 worth of CHSB you sell. These penalty points are cumulative, so if you sell a lot of CHSB, you could lose all the points you've earned so far! Pro tip: boost your premium as it will generate even more points for your CHSB.

Invest using our flagship products

We develop our products to empower you on your crypto investment journey and ease your overall crypto experience. Because of this we’ll grant you points for utilising the power they provide.

You will get additional points by reaching a certain threshold with your Thematics balance (great for diversifying your portfolio) and the amount you use in Earn opportunities (effective method to access yield).

To increase the benefits across the variety of our products you should also consider upgrading your premium tier, as it will get you extra points based on the tier you are in at any given time.

Carry out your investments on a regular basis

Every week you can earn points for expanding your crypto portfolio in the SwissBorg app. In bear markets as we are in right now, experts state the importance of not trying to time the market, but in investing continuously on a regular basis. That’s how we designed the point system - to better align your investment cadence with the industry’s best practices.

Get 10 points for each week when you have +$50 worth of CHSB exchange netflow.

This netflow is defined as the amount bought minus sold for the given week (from Monday until Sunday, UTC timezone), so having only an increase of value in USD on existing CHSB tokens due to price fluctuations would not provide extra points.

Get 5 points for each week when you have +$50 worth of Thematics exchange netflow.

This netflow is defined as the amount bought minus sold for the given week (from Monday until Sunday, UTC timezone), so having only an increase of value in USD on existing Thematics balance due to price fluctuations would not provide extra points.

Get 5 points for each week when you have +$50 worth of Earn opportunity netflow.

This netflow is defined as the amount of top-ups minus redemptions (to or from Earn opportunities) for the given week (from Monday until Sunday, UTC timezone), meaning the compound yield is not accounted for the required weekly amount to get the points.

Last but not least, get 5 points each week for adding at least +$50 worth of funds (crypto and/or fiat) into your account - this could be done using your card, transferring the money from your bank account or moving crypto from an external wallet.

Appreciating our loyal Borgers

Although the Hero Score program’s first season lasts only 10 weeks, we wanted to acknowledge all the strong Borgers that have been with us through good and bad times. We thank you!

You will get 1 point for each calendar month you had $50 worth of balance in your SwissBorg account, and an additional 1 point for every month you have had an active premium tier. These points are calculated for your entire time with us, not just during the first season of the Hero Score program.

Summary table for earning points
Summary table for earning points
Summary table for earning points

Example case with Steve

Let's dive into an example to understand how the Hero Score program works:

Meet Steve, an imaginary, but passionate SwissBorg user. He joined the Hero Score program to enhance his crypto journey and unlock exciting rewards. Here's how Steve earns points and climbs the ranks (in this example we are in the second week of the program).

Threshold based points

Steve earns points by reaching certain thresholds with SwissBorg products.

  • Holding CHSB: He has a $5,463 CHSB balance (out of that 500 CHSB worth is locked for the Premium tier), and for reaching the $5k threshold, he gets 45 points.
  • Web3 Thematic: By having $1,210 in a Web3 Thematic, he has reached the $1k threshold, so he gets 15 points.
  • Earn balance: By holding $12,530 in Earn wallets, he has reached the $10k threshold, which gives him 25 points.
  • Premium tier: As Steve has upgraded to premium already in the first week of his SwissBorg journey, his Explorer Premium tier status provides him an additional 15 points.

Important note: If Steve reached a $10,000 CHSB balance, he would get the 60 points linked to that CHSB threshold; these are not an additional 60 points on top of the already achieved 45 points, but 60 points in total.

Weekly activity based points

Steve earns points for positive netflows and regular top-ups, calculated each Monday to Sunday from the previous week (UTC timezone). He is very active, so the collects points on a weekly basis:

  • CHSB Netflow: Last week, Steve sold $55 worth of CHSB, but bought $170 worth of CHSB, leaving him with a positive netflow of $115 worth of CHSB, earning him 10 points. For selling the $55 worth of CHSB, Steve gets a -5 points penalty.
  • Web3 Netflow: Last week, Steve bought $300 worth of Web3 Thematics, which gets him an additional 5 points.
  • Earn Netflow: As Steve buys ETH every week for $100, he also tops up his ETH Earn balance weekly, which gives him 5 points for the Earn netflow for last week.
  • Weekly Top-up: Last week, Steve added $500 into his account to gain the 5 points for that week.

Loyalty-based points

Steve is a new, but loyal member of the SwissBorg community. He joined only 3 months ago, but immediately became Explorer Premium by locking 500 CHSB, so he is rewarded for this in the Hero Score program. Loyalty based points are calculated in calendar months, even before the start of the Hero Score Program.

  • Time with SwissBorg: As Steve has been with SwissBorg for 3 months, and in all of those months Steve had at least $50 funds on his account, he gets 3 points.
  • Time as Premium: As Steve joined the Premium community immediately, and has been a SwissBorg Premium member for 3 months, he gets 3 points.

Summary of points

Today in the Hero Score program, Steve has 126 points. This gets him all the currently accessible rewards in the Milestone 1 reward tier. Let’s go Steve, keep up the good work!


During the next 10 weeks, we will be providing updates on your status every Monday with a detailed view on your points and tips on how to get closer to the next reward milestone.

We also encourage you to provide feedback about your Hero experience, and the program in general. We want to improve by listening to your suggestions.

We designed the Hero Score program for our community to help you strengthen the whole SwissBorg ecosystem together, and earn valuable rewards along your journey. You are the true heroes of SwissBorg - onwards and upwards!

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