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Announcing the world’s first customisable yielding program: SwissBorg Earn!

SwissBorg Earn
Jacqui Pretty Chief Marketing Officer

Jacqui Pretty

Chief Marketing Officer

We are excited to announce the long-awaited launch of our custom yield offerings: SwissBorg Earn!

SwissBorg Earn is the next stage of evolution for our Smart Yield wallets. While Smart Yield has always been a great product - making DeFi yields accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of technical knowledge, time or wealth - it had one major limitation.

The limitation was that it was a one-size-fits-all solution. The problem with this is every investor is different. Every investor has a different level of risk tolerance, and every investor has different goals. So while a one-size-fits-all yield is good as a starting point, over time we realised that it wasn’t meeting the needs of our community.

What could we say to the community member who was looking for a higher yield, and was willing to take on extra risk to achieve it? Or the community member who was very risk averse, and wanted some yield, but more transparency about where the yield was generated? With Smart Yield, there was no solution for them.

However, times are changing.

Introducing SwissBorg Earn!

SwissBorg Earn is your customisable yield wallet, where multiple DeFi strategies for your favourite assets are available in the palm of your hand. Instead of getting the same yield as everyone else, you can now tailor your yield for you.

How does it work? It’s simple!

Under each of the yield-eligible assets, we will be adding new yielding strategies over time. Each of these strategies will indicate:

  • The potential annual yield rate you could be earning
  • The level of risk, or the Cyborg mood

There are three different risk levels or moods, broken into Core and Satellite strategies.

  • Core strategies are the lowest risk strategies available in the app. These are the ones that our risk team believes are tried and tested, like the current Smart Yield strategies and staking. Because the risk is low, the return is also lower.
  • Satellite strategies are more advanced, which means they have both higher levels of risk and reward. Adventurous strategies are those with a medium level or risk and reward, while the Brave strategies have the highest level of risk and reward.

You will be able to see each of the options when you tap on the Earn card in the app, and you can tap on each strategy to learn more.

From here, you simply choose how much you would like to allocate to each strategy. This might be putting 100% of a crypto asset into a single strategy, or managing your risk by allocating a different percentage to each strategy (for instance, you could put 80% into the core strategy, 10% into the Adventurous strategy, and 10% into the Brave strategy).

This individualised allocation is how you can finally customise your yield in a single platform.

What is the roll-out plan?

The long-term goal for SwissBorg Earn is for every yield-eligible asset in the SwissBorg app to have multiple strategies, so you can tailor your yield for every crypto.

Today, we are kicking off the roll-out plan with the launch of the USDC and USDT Stargate strategies - our first Adventurous strategies for USDC and USDT! 

From here, we will continue to release one new strategy at a time, with more to come over the coming weeks and months.

Ready to start earning crypto your way? Then check out the USDC Earn wallet and USDT Earn wallet in the SwissBorg app!

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