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Latest SwissBorg app updates


1 November 2023

SwissBorg’s Smarter Engine and the New Crypto Landscape

Dollar Cost Averaging and diversification

24 October 2023

Dollar Cost Averaging and diversification: a winning combination?

Best Blockchains Thematic

3 October 2023

The Best Blockchains Thematic is here!

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CBorgs NFT Mint | SwissBorg

CBorgs free mint giveaway announcement

SwissBorg’s official mascot, the CyBorg, is starting an adventure in the NFTs space, and you are invited to tag along!


Road 2 Web 3

Decentralised infrastructure such as blockchains will allow value to be exchanged freely at the speed of information. Bank accounts will no longer be a means for economic exclusion.

SwissBorg’s Multi-Asset Launchpad

SwissBorg’s Multi-Asset Launchpad - Introducing Layer 5 

Today we introduce the 5th layer of our mission to democratise wealth management. Learn more.

App screen

Introducing Thematics: One Tap to Web3

After much passionate work we are excited to launch Thematics to our beloved community of SwissBorg app users.

SwissBorg Price Alerts

SwissBorg Price Alerts

From now on, on the SwissBorg app, price notifications can be defined and sent directly to your phone when your price point is reached...

SwissBorg Card Top Ups are here!

SwissBorg Card Top Ups are here!

For some time now, SwissBorg users have been requesting to be able to top-up their account instantly, and periodically. The first step to making this happen is to enable even more users to buy crypto with a payment card. Learn more.

Rebalancing simplified: Infographic

Rebalancing simplified: Infographic

You might have heard that one of the exciting features of our soon-to-be-launched Thematics is rebalancing. But what is rebalancing, and how will it be implemented? Learn more.

SwissBorg Earn

Announcing the world’s first customisable yielding program: SwissBorg Earn!

We are excited to announce the long-awaited launch of our custom yield offerings: SwissBorg Earn!

 Why XBorg’s Genesis NFT is Unique

Why XBorg’s Genesis NFT is Unique

The gaming arm of SwissBorg, XBorg is proud to announce its Genesis NFT launch on the 16th of September 2022. Learn more.