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| July 22, 2021

Carpool with CryptoJack: Derivatives vs Leverage Trading & BTC Price Predictions in 2021

We caught up with crypto trader, world traveler and popular YouTube star CryptoJack (Jack Skipp) in a fun Carpool edition in Dubai. The discussion took many angles, starting with his journey into the world of Crypto through his father, followed by trading tips and Bitcoin price predictions for 2021.


| July 16, 2021

Cosmos vs Ethereum vs Polkadot: Internet of Blockchains? A Conversation with Tendermint’s CEO.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Peng Zhong, CEO of Tendermint, a core contributor to the Cosmos Network. With a background in interaction design and...


| July 1, 2021

Sandra Ro - Investment goal once you become a crypto millionaire

Sandra Ro is a true voice and inspiration within the female Blockchain community. As CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council in Geneva, she is a...


| June 24, 2021

Gordon Einstein - Why Bitcoin will never crash and die

Gordon Einstein is a Dubai based technologist, Crypto-Attorney, and Blockchain educator, passionate about the world of cryptocurrencies and The DAO...


| June 21, 2021

How to Become a better long-term investor part 2

In Part 2, Anthony Lesoismier, CSO and Co-Founder at SwissBorg goes even deeper into his passion for poker and investing. "To be a great investor, you...


| June 10, 2021

How to Become the BEST Crypto Trader part 1

Anthony Lesoismier is CSO and Co-Founder at SwissBorg. An engineer and financial expert with tons of knowledge on trading, investing, and developing...


| February 3, 2021

Bobby Ong - CoinGecko: The most Crypto trends in 2021

In this interview, we picked his brain on some of his major predictions for crypto markets in 2021.


| December 30, 2020

Ray Youssef - Paxful CEO: Shocking Unbanked Stories.

As a Serial Entrepreneur, humanitarian and natural philosopher, Ray is fascinated about Bitcoin​, P2P finance and bringing social justice through...


| December 16, 2020

Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert: Bitcoin VS all Assets

We sat down with the two pioneers to hear some of their favourite stories and how they truely believe Bitcoin is shaping the future of finance.


| September 24, 2020

Dan Held on Bitcoin's History, Internet Money 2.0, BTC farming & Price in 2021!

An early innovator in the blockchain and crypto space, Dan Held was part of the original 2013 crypto meetup group in San Francisco.