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The Aethir SwissBorg Alpha: Millions in Seconds

Aethir sold out

Ziga Potrebujes

Research Analyst

In a landmark achievement that underscores the power of community when it meets innovation, the Aethir node sale has successfully concluded. The total sale was worth approximately $100 million in ETH: a difficult number to visualise. 

SwissBorg users also had a stake in this deal. In our Aethir Alpha Deal, our users invested $2.7 million, marking the largest Alpha Deal to date; however, bigger ones are already on the horizon. The Deal garnered such demand that the entire cap was filled in less than 30 seconds across 4 vaults, described further below.

The Alpha Deal included the purchase of Aethir nodes, their eventual set-up and maintenance, and rewards distribution. Investors in this Deal will receive regular instalments of rewards paid in the ATH token for 4 years, starting 6 months after the Token Generation Event (TGE). 

Overall, there were 4 vaults and the structure is often similar in the other SwissBorg Alpha Deals as well.

  • Premium Tiers: one of the bigger chunks of the pie was reserved for our loyal Premium Tier subscribers. All tiers received the same conditions of this Alpha deal.  NOTE: Users upgrade their Premium tier by locking up different amounts of BORG tokens, starting at 500 BORG. The higher the tier, the better the utilities across the entire app. You can find more info about Premium tiers here
  • Top BORG holders: A slightly larger and also the largest allocation was reserved for our top BORG holders. To become eligible, users had to hold at least 22.000 BORG, valued at approximately $7100 at the time of the snapshot on the day of the deal. All BORG in the app were taken into account, including those locked up for Premium, BORG in Thematics and the BORG locked in previous Alpha Deals.
  • Public vault in BORG: the first of the two public vaults was investable with BORG. All app users were eligible. 
  • Public vault in ETH: the second public vault’s subscription currency was ETH. All app users were eligible. 

The vaults were opened sequentially in 30-minute intervals so that the users eligible for more than 1 vault could participate in all of them. 

A total of 1994 successful investments were made, and we are happy to announce that the number of users whose transactions didn’t make it was lower than in previous deals of similar excitement.

Please note that your feedback is highly important to us. We kindly ask you to express what you like and what you believe should be improved. 

Overall, the Aethir team secured a whopping $100 million worth of ETH from the sale. The sale had a tiered pricing structure with a fixed price and a set number of licenses per tier. You can dive deep into sales details on the Dune dashboard here. SwissBorg users paid a competitive price that averaged between tier 6 and tier 8 out of 53 tiers overall.

It makes me happy to be a part of the team that gets to deliver these exciting deals to the table. 

And the next Alpha is always just around the corner. You can check what’s coming up on the link below. 

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