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Invite your friends and
earn 2X CHSB rewards

Share the SwissBorg app with your friends and every successful invite earns you and your friend a Rewards Ticket valued from €2 to €200*. Get a chance to earn 2’000 CHSB!

CHSB rewards

How it works


Share your invitation link

Open the Rewards Tab in the SwissBorg app and share your unique rewards link.


Your friend makes a deposit

Your friends need to download the SwissBorg app and make a deposit of €50 or more (or equivalent in their currency).


Receive a ticket and claim your reward

You and your friend will both receive a Rewards Ticket. Scratch your ticket to reveal your CHSB prize, and then keep sharing to earn more tickets!

*Find more information related to our Rewards Program here.
Available in the following countries.

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