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SwissBorg Gaming Thematic Airdrop Deep Dive

SwissBorg Gaming Thematic Airdrop Deep Dive
Daniel De Lophem

Daniel De Lophem

Product Manager

It's been an incredible first week since we unveiled the Gaming Thematic, marking the most successful launch to date. With over 8,000 unique early investors joining in the first seven days, the enthusiasm is palpable.

Over 20% of all Genesis & Generation premium users have already invested - speaking volumes about their faith in the product and the promising future of gaming within the current market cycle.

 The Thematic is now open globally allowing investors around the world to level-up their portfolio before the real game of the bull run begins. 

The Thematic’s launch was accompanied by an exclusive incentive - an airdrop of XBorg's anticipated native XBG token, aligning with our sister company, the world’s fastest growing Web3 gaming protocol. The airdrop eligibility snapshot was taken on yesterday, Tuesday 20/02/24 at 11:59 CET, securing the early investors’ qualification.

Airdrop Distribution Mechanics

The airdrop employs a fair and merit-based tiered system, welcoming modest investments starting from 250 EUR (or equivalent) and offering greater rewards for larger contributions.

Please find the details in the table below:

Eligibility tiers
Eligibility tiers
Eligibility tiers

While details are being finalised, the airdrop is expected to be credited directly to your XBG wallet within the SwissBorg app. There will be no further vesting or lock-up once received, provided that the XBG token is listed in the app. Should there be a delay in listing, the airdrop will be processed retroactively as soon as listing occurs.

Vesting Schedule

As the XBG token launch is pending, early investors in the Gaming Thematic will be among the first to hold and benefit from XBorg's new token.

Your airdrop will be apportioned over 12 months, with monthly distributions commencing one month post-token generation event. For instance, if the XBG token launches in April, you'll receive your first airdrop in June for the month of May, with subsequent distributions following this pattern.

An initial one-month cliff is in place to stabilise early market fluctuations.

Investment Philosophy & Contingencies

The Gaming Thematic is designed as a long-term investment, and we emphasise that it should not be viewed as a means for airdrop farming. We have therefore implemented contingency measures aimed to discourage short-termist and opportunistic behaviour that contradicts SwissBorg's long-term investment philosophy. 

The Thematic is the cake, the airdrop merely the cherry on top.

The following backstops & conditions apply:

  • Exclusion of UK Users: Due to regulatory constraints within the United Kingdom, UK residents are not eligible to participate in this Airdrop promotion. As such, any contributions made towards the Gaming Thematic will not be considered for the Airdrop.
  • Eligibility is limited to purchases made during the initial promotion period. - ended at the above mentioned snapshot moment. - Airdrop calculations are based on the EUR investment value at the snapshot moment, regardless of posterior market volatility.
  • If the market value of your investment decreases, so too will the corresponding airdrop value; however, this will be restored to the original amount if the market recovers.
  • Conversely, should you sell any part of your Thematic investment and your account balance falls below the EUR value of your initial airdrop-eligible investment, you will forfeit your right to future airdrops. This forfeiture occurs if both conditions are met: your account value falls below the initial investment and you have made a sale.
  • This policy is designed to mitigate the impact of unforeseen market downturns on your investment and to preserve your airdrop eligibility should you decide to realise profits after significant market gains.
  • If you've sold some of your holdings and the value of your remaining investment nears the original amount, you are allowed to reinvest to maintain your airdrop eligibility. However, if the double condition of having sold some of your investment and your account value dropping below your initial investment is ever met, you will no longer receive future monthly airdrops.

Let's break all this down into a practical example:

Imagine your investment in the Gaming Thematic was 1000EUR at the snapshot moment, with the XBG token's TGE set for April 1, 2024. If the token gets listed straight away, you'd receive your first airdrop in June for May. But if the listing happens only in July, you'd then get a combined airdrop for May, June, and July, all in August.

By summer, the market value of your investment rises to 2000 EUR, and you decide to take some profit by selling 900 EUR. Your remaining balance in the Thematic would be 1100EUR and you're still on track to receive the next airdrop.

If, come September, the market corrects and your balance only slightly exceeds 1000 EUR anymore, you face a choice: reinvest to safeguard your airdrop eligibility or do nothing. Opting for the latter and seeing your balance dip below 1000 EUR at any point would mean you forfeit future airdrops after September, impacting the other outstanding airdrops until May 2025.

But, if your balance dips to 900 EUR due to market changes without any sales on your part, you continue to qualify for airdrops. Note that if in September, when the monthly Thematic fee is taken, your balance is 900 EUR you will receive an airdrop equivalent to this investment amount. Once your balance returns to or exceeds the initial 1000 EUR investment, your full airdrop amount is reinstated.

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