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Guardians of the BORG - A look at 2023

Guardians of the BORG

Benjamin Lavelle

Growth Specialist

In March 2023, the Guardians of CHSB took the stage, laying the foundation for the present-day Guardians of the BORG. Responding to the need for clarity, regularity, and dynamism, which were lacking in the initial Protect and Choose program, a conscious decision was made to evolve and grow SwissBorg’s ideas of involving our community’s say in our growth.

Since then, our journey has been one of continuous refinement and reaching remarkable milestones. Over the course of 9 sessions, we've achieved the following:

  • Purchased over 2,000,000 BORG tokens, committing to dedicating more than 2M USDC for regular buybacks in the coming years.
  • Rewarded our guardians with over 2,000,000 BORG.
  • Burned close to 1,500,000 BORG tokens.
  • Established a Premium Safety Net of almost 1,000,000 BORG.
  • Funded the SwissBorg Association, set to debut in 2024.
  • Introduced the Guardians Vault, recognising dedicated guardians for locking their tokens and showing faith in BORG.
  • Launched a  referral campaign, welcoming new community members and future guardians with additional Borgcentives.

All these accomplishments were made possible by the support of over 5,000 monthly participants in each session and an additional 10,000 guardians who have engaged at least once in our program. With a total of over 55,000 valid unique responses in just 9 months, the impact of the Guardians of BORG is evident and resonates within the community.

As we look to expand the reach of our sessions and the program in 2024, we remain committed to improvement. Exciting updates are on the horizon, promising to captivate our most dedicated guardians right from the start of the new year.

A Recap of Step 3

In our continuous efforts to refine and enhance the Guardians of the BORG program, we are implementing key changes to foster a more dynamic, manageable, and rewarding experience for all participants. Here's a detailed overview of the updates set to be introduced:

1. Slowing Down the Pace of Sessions

The monthly sessions, while exciting, presented challenges in managing the program comprehensively. Addressing feedback that the timeframe was overwhelming for participants to select the best idea within a few days, we're transitioning to a strategic quarterly approach:

Month 1: Quarterly Townhall & Selection Process for the fourth option.

Month 2: Communications and survey sent out to eligible participants.

Month 3: Analysis of results and potential implementation of the developed idea from the previous quarter.

This revised schedule provides a more structured and manageable framework, allowing for better planning and engagement.

2. Increasing the Impact of Each Vote

With a transition to fewer sessions, adjustments are being made to the calculation of the BORG quantity per session. The formula is being simplified to:

7.5 + Average Sustainability Score

This result will be converted into a percentile and applied to the total available BORG to derive the final number. It's essential to highlight that there is a maximum limit set at 15% for these calculations. As of the current BORG pool, which contains just under 6 million tokens, this implies that sessions could yield up to 900,000 BORG tokens, depending on their valuation. 

3. New Metrics for Reward Optimisation

We're introducing new metrics to optimise rewards and express gratitude to our dedicated participants. A notable addition is a 10% bonus for those engaging in three consecutive Guardian sessions. This bonus acknowledges and rewards consistency, providing a balanced approach that benefits both longstanding and newer participants.

4. Reward for idea-generators

We have introduced and delivered the first bounty for the generators and developers of initiatives amidst the Guardians. To have a chance at unlocking this, make sure you suggest ideas during the first month of the next session, where we will gather all the best ideas for our community leaders to pick from!

What’s to come?

The Guardians of the BORG are making a shift from Typeform to Notion for better communication. Notion will serve as a central hub, keeping everyone updated on sessions, allowing idea submissions for the 4th choice, and enabling direct voting.

Looking ahead, we envision a dedicated guardian page accessible through QR code authentication, ensuring secure voting and preventing identity issues. This setup offers benefits like enhanced security, a clear voting history, and potential rewards for active participants. Developing an in-house solution is a complex task, but it opens up exciting possibilities for the Guardians to play a central role in shaping our future system.

We could also imagine a future with on-chain connectivity of the app and your Web3 wallet, which opens many doors for what can be done.

Next, we would like to implement more automation to focus more time on communications and developing community-driven ideas. Our vision is to build out ideas alongside willing participants, each bringing a touch of uniqueness to an endeavour. This could, for example, be designing the perfect SwissBorg Ad with the Marketing team and rewarding the owner of the idea by putting their referral code in the “Join the App” QR. 

The landscape is open and free to each of our premium users to start building with SwissBorg’s resources. To run this optimally requires us to zoom out, but we believe in the future and our community.


Guardians of the BORG

Guardians of the BORG

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What happened at SwissBorg in 2023?

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