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CHSB Token

CHSB Infographic

4 October 2021

The power of CHSB: Infographic

CHSB buyback

3 December 2021

CHSB’s newest mechanism: CHSB Buyback

community premium

27 May 2021

The Community Premium is available!

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New changes for Premium…

New changes for Premium…

Read this article to learn about the changes to premium accounts.

Community Index anniversary Stats

Celebrating one year of the Community Index 

One year on, how has the SwissBorg ecosystem performed? Learn more in this article.

CHSB buyback

CHSB’s newest mechanism: CHSB Buyback

At SwissBorg, we are constantly looking for ways to boost the health of the SwissBorg ecosystem.

CHSB Rewards boost

Go in the draw to win 2,000 CHSB!

To celebrate the launch of the CHSB Yield 2.0 program, we’re doubling the value of our Rewards Program, as well we’re offering you the chance to win 2,000 CHSB!

Now live: CHSB Yield 2.0!

Now live: CHSB Yield 2.0!

We are excited to share that the next evolution of the CHSB Yield Program is live - CHSB Yield 2.0!

Token voting result

Premium Members Vote: Results and Promise

Ever since our first Referendum on the Blockchain, we’ve been striving to provide our Community opportunities to share their feedback and help us plan, together, our development at SwissBorg.

Premiums: Vote for the next token in the SwissBorg app!

Calling all Premiums: Vote for the next token in the SwissBorg app!

We’re thrilled to share the latest benefit being offered to the Genesis and Community Premium members - the opportunity to have your say on the next token to be listed in the SwissBorg app!

CHSB Infographic

The power of CHSB: Infographic

Our CHSB token is at the heart of the SwissBorg ecosystem, and we believe it has some of the best tokenomics in the crypto market.

Bitfinex CHSB listing

CHSB listed on Bitfinex!

We are excited to share that CHSB, the SwissBorg token, is going to be listed on Bitfinex and made available for trading!



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