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Why do we care about our product?

Maja Miloradovic

Maja Miloradovic

HR Generalist

We are part of a fast-changing world and are somehow always trying to make things better. It’s our nature to want progress. At SwissBorg we are making something extraordinary, not just because of the countless hours spent in meetings and in front of the laptop thinking about the problems we need to solve, but because it matters to us, to our community and to the world.

Belonging to the SwissBorg team for the past two years has made me happy for several reasons. First, I enjoy the company-culture where all of us are part of one big family. We share lunch, work out together, and help each other out. Hey, how often do you see a CEO jumping on his bike to get his team lunch!? Second, I love having the opportunity to contribute to the company as a whole. Finally, I believe that what we have built is meaningful. By building a substantial product we are not just creating a better future for our users, but also for us. We love it and we trust it.

Growing the SwissBorg Team and Community

I remember how our team grew. I saw people joining us and one by one filling our office. Oh, I was stressing out about how many new desks and chairs we needed to purchase each month and how even the biggest dining table was too small for all of us to sit down for a meal. But, I was so content. We grow each day not just in employee headcount but also in community members, at SwissBorg they are also part of the team. We chat and collaborate, exchange ideas, build things together and thanks to them we spread the word of a community-centric SwissBorg Land. It is not far away but here and everywhere in tune with the spirit of decentralisation. Expanding, evolving and advancing... luckily I don’t have to acquire desks and chairs for all of them!

Would you believe that breakdancing, kickboxing, bouldering, playing the guitar, a piano or chess, practising tennis, volleyball or pilates, jogging, filmmaking, sawing, rollerblading or swimming is important for our company? Well, it is. Our diversity gives us different perspectives, our persistence in being the best at what we do makes us trustworthy, but above all, our fairness towards everybody is binding us.

A Decentralised Future

SwissBorg is not an exclusive crypto company. We don’t believe in borders and limitations, we believe in a new decentralised world based on meritocracy and freedom. For all of us. Our SwissBorg app is not just an app where you can purchase Bitcoin and exchange it. It’s the joint work of our engineers, designers, marketers, business developers, and it shows the efforts of our Investment, Governance and Support teams. It represents us and our belief in a secure wealth management ecosystem. That is why I’m here. Because of the Team.

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